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Starting a Vegetable or Flower Garden, Part 2

By Wayne Allen Geis

After reading the first part of my guide to starting a garden, your chosen patch of earth should be prepared to receive its new inhabitants. With that finished, we move on to more planting considerations.

4. Use Other Nutrients if Necessary Some of your vegetables or flowers might require additional nutrients. Research these nutrients to find out if they will adversely affect other planted items. If so, you should consider eliminating other plants or vegetables from your garden, or planting only one type at a time.

5. Plant According to Growing Seasons In all but the most unorthodox of cases, you will grow your plants during two main growing seasons: the cool period, spring and fall; or the warmer, summer period. If you plan to grow vegetables, definitely research the type of veggies you want to grow so you know when exactly to plant them.

6. Water Your Garden The sun will do wonders for your vegetables or flowers, but you will need to lend a hand to help them grow to their full potential. Your garden requires regular amounts of water, which can prove problematic during extended dry spells. Make sure to keep an eye your garden and know when to apply water, especially during droughts. At the same time, take care not to over-saturate your garden.

7. Decorate Your Garden Who says your garden must be a plain rectangular patch of dirt? Many people take pride in laying out their garden in certain formations that lend to easy access or by decorating them with props, such as bird baths, fountains, or antique wheelbarrows.

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Wayne Allen Geis on The National Association of Teachers of Singing

The National Association of Teachers of Singing By Wayne Allen Geis [Chamber Singers on Stage] [http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4071/4626777097_eb31d0f1e8_m.jpg] [Posted by Julie Jordan Scott] Founded in 1944, the National Association of Teachers of Singing, Inc. (NATS), now joins more than 6,500 education professionals worldwide. Dedicated to maintaining the professionalism and skill of its members, NATS offers a vast range of continuing education opportunities, as well as internships, workshops, and conferences. Understanding the importance of community building, NATS sponsors events at local chapter and national levels. NATS has become a vital forum for networking, learning, and sharing among all singing teachers. One of NATS’s most important initiatives, Journal of Singing, keeps members informed of the latest news in singing and teaching. With articles written by established scholars and experienced professionals, the journal presents important information on diction, voice science, voice pedagogy, history, and medicine from a variety of perspectives. NATS preserves a complete, searchable database of journal articles from the first 1944 issue onward, providing an invaluable research resource for academics and professionals alike. Promoting the artistry of singing, NATS hosts an annual Artist Award competition through which singers on the verge of launching their professional career may win financial assistance and access to remarkable opportunities. Competitors must pass through district, regional, and national rounds before performing against the best rising singers at the NATS Conference. NATS also sponsors an Art Song Competition and a Voice Pedagogy award. NATS supports singers with potential through the NATS Foundation, which develops a multitude of endowment funds for prizes and awards, such as the Van Lawrence Fellowship. Named after Van L. Lawrence, M.D., who forged a relationship between laryngologists and singing teachers, the fellowship provides for further study or a research project concerning our scientific understanding of singing. Winners attend the annual Symposium on Care of the Professional Voice and subsequently meet with speech pathologists, voice scientists, and laryngologists to forge a unique, beneficial research project.